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The number of drops you can add to your product depends on the following points:

The Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is suitable for fine and medium hair - low, medium and high porosity hair

The Hydrolyzed Soy Protein is suitable for fine and medium hair - porous, damaged and chemically treated hair


To test with these protein drops, we recommend that you do the following first:

When your curls are completely dry you should see / feel a difference. This may be that the curl is more defined, see the photo below, then your curls will like it very much.



Give your curls a boost with, for example, a protein treatment, by adding drops to your mask. This can be a mask without protein, or a mask that does contain protein but it is not in the first 5 ingredients. TIP: Mix the drops through the mask in a separate bowl beforehand, as the shower can cause unpleasant / uncomfortable situations.

You can do the same in your co-wash, shampoo OR conditioner.

A moisture overload quickly? Then mix a few drops of protein drops with your moisture (protein-free) product to create more balance.

Do you have a moisture overload? Then these drops are perfect to get rid of your overload within 1 day. Add at least 30 drops to your wet hair, this is best mixed with a leave-in and then use water to spray your hair moist to distribute the product / drops well.

Do you have protein products, for example a gel or leave-in, and do you still feel that they do not give the result you would like? Then add these drops to the protein product so that it may still give the desired result.

Do your curls feel stiff / rough after rinsing your mask / conditioner with protein drops? Then your curls don't like protein very much at the moment. Then immediately use a moisture mask / conditioner to reduce the stiffness and make your curls soft again.


You save money and bad buys because you can test with these protein drops first, and use up / use your current products with the help of these drops.


Always wanted to try that protein-free styling gel, cream or leave-in, and never bought it because protein makes your curls really happy? Yess you can buy them now, add the drops to the protein-free product!

NOTE: These drops have ingredients that fight bacteria and fungus, pure protein drops do NOT have then, so be warned.

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