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Test, Boost & Save Money!

Our hair is mostly made up of protein. Just like we need protein in our diet, we need protein in our haircare routine to  maintain healthy hair.

Protein strengthens the hair by bonding with the hair shaft in a few ways. By penetrating the cuticle and strengthening from the inside. By filling gaps and holes in the cuticle layer. And by creating a protective layer and strengthening from the outside. By filling these gaps and holes, protein helps the hair maintain its moisture levels.

Finding balance is key. Protein and moisture are at a constant battle. Protein pushes out moisture, moisture pushes out protein.

All hair needs protein, if your hair is reacting badly, it’s likely the protein type or size your hair does not agree with, not protein in general. Using too much protein can result in dry, brittle hair.

Add shine and definition to your curls by adding the drops to your existing products.

You can use these protein drops in your CG routine for:

  • Test how your curls react to protein
  • Boost your curls with a protein treatment
  • Save money by adding these drops to your current products
  • And much more, click here to read how and what you can use it all for.
CG Approved & keep for 1 year after opening. 




Special thanks to Denise (@dencurls) & Stephanie (@ keriting.s) for testing these drops and sharing their results.


These protein drops could be the gold for your curls!

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